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End-Dump Hauling

Holicky Bros. Inc. operates 75 plus and growing end dump trailers on a daily basis. Our drivers operate on a Local, Regional and National level. All trailers are equipped with tarps, grain doors, swing gates and have various volume capacities dependent on the type of material needing to be transported. A range of products from Ball Lime, salt, coal, recycled metal, decorative rock, gypsoil, ag lime, grain, fertilizer, rock, sand, gravel and most any type of bulk commodity are transported daily in Holicky Bros. trucks and trailers. If you have a bulk commodity load, put it on a Holicky truck today.

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Local, OTR, Regional

Holicky Bros. Inc trucks and drivers operate on either a local only, over the road, regional or combination of all three. Our local only trucks primarily run daycab tractors in order to maximize payload and work the local markets from the Twin Cities and southern MN areas arriving home nightly. Our regional/otr trucks and drivers operate through out the midwest and perform both locally and overnight runs throughout the Midwest. No load is ever too short and no load is ever too long. Holicky Bros. Inc feels that the best way to serve the drivers is to be diversified enough to keep all trucks moving at all times.

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Every load Holicky Bros. delivers is dedicated to the customers we service. If your current logistics provider is falling short on deliveries and overpromising service, contact us today and put the service first plan to action in play. Our drivers are dedicated to our customers and our staff is dedicated to the drivers and clients. Trucking is not a one sided relationship and Holicky Bros. feels that by putting our clients and drivers first is the only way a true win, win, win relationship is realized.

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Holicky Bros. equipment is maintained to a degree unfound in today’s trucking industry. Our FMCSA scores are a direct result of consistent and constant maintenance paired with pride of the drivers who operate and own the trucks . This intense level of dedication not only ensures our clients loads are delivered without equipment failure, but ensures the traveling public the safety and peace of mind they deserve as we share the road together. Holicky Bros also feels that leading by example in terms of equipment and technology will keep your freight delivering day in and out for the long term success of all the satisfied companies we service.

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Holicky Bros. Logistics LLC is the sister company of Holicky Bros. Inc. Fully licensed, bonded and insured our brokerage non asset based company takes care of all load arrangements, dispatch, invoicing and payment for a flat rate commission percentage. Our large customer base ensures your trucks to keep rolling. Our brokerage currently maintains an ongoing list of drivers and trucks who dedicate themselves daily to us and we consider them as equally important to our success as with any driver. Contact us today to get setup as a carrier for Holicky Bros. Logistics LLC

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