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Family Owned

Our History


Holicky Bros. Inc is a family owned and operated business with humbling upbringings that has served the Local, Midwest and National regions of the United States and Canada for over two decades.   Starting with two trucks owned and operated by Dean and Dan Holicky, along with one single customer account, Holicky Bros. Inc.  has grown today to manage a fleet of over 75 plus trucks daily and growing, as well as servicing over 400 plus clients and growing throughout the Midwest.  The continuation of growth in line with the clients demand they serve, puts Holicky Bros. Inc. as one of the largest end dump trucking companies operating in the Midwest today.  Holicky Bros. Inc. strives for complete customer satisfaction and ensures our drivers and customers are always treated professionally throughout the ongoing relationship that is developed.  

Holicky Bros. Inc. drivers and owner operators meet all FMCSA DOT requirements and regulations ensuring safety amongst all who share the road with us.  At Holicky Bros. Inc. we do not just deliver loads, we deliver professional, timely and safe shipments of bulk commodities throughout the local, national and Midwest regions of the United States.

We thank you for allowing us to serve your business and we look forward to our continuation of growth alongside yours.   

Our people



Our People

In today’s ever changing society, Holicky Bros. Inc believes the greatest asset to the company’s success and long term viability is found within their personnel.  The drivers, staff and strategic partners within Holicky Bros. Inc combine experience, knowledge, innovation, education and loyalty to their ever growing demand.  Professionalism is not just a word expressed, it is a word of action and Holicky Bros. Inc is proud of their people for carrying this level out in an industry that is constantly evolving. 

Our current management staff maintains a combination of field experience and knowledge along with an educational background that surpasses most companies in the transportation industry.  Management understands the utmost importance of complete customer satisfaction while providing drivers with the priority first expectation.  This set of standards allows Holicky Bros. Inc to not only retain drivers and customers, but ensures that your needs as a client will continue to be met as the industry evolves into the future.